The top 4 strategies to get immediate bookings on your vacation or event rental space

Extra consideration is needed to show off all of the unique amenities that make your space such a great choice as vacation or event rentals. Many of our clients choose to take full advantage of the packages we offer and receive  aerial and head on photos as well as a complete virtual 3D tour and video. When your prospective clients are primarily viewing a home over the web before buying or booking, it makes all the difference to offer these views.
#1 Be sure you are using quality photos that highlight the best features of your space.
Photos like these are great for short term rental and listing sites, social media posts and advertisements, as well as printed materials. 97% of home buyers used the internet to search for homes. There is a big difference between phone pictures and those which are professionally taken, and your buyers and renters will appreciate the quality.
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#2 Allow guests to virtually explore the space before they book
3D Matterport tours are the best thing for event rentals. Your future guests will be able to see from a first-person viewpoint how epic your space really is. The links are easily shareable and you can access the tours from your phone as easily as a computer to show off the spaces.
Dollhouse view of matterport tour

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#3 Video content is an engaging way to advertise your space
Video tours are perfect for advertising on your personal website and for social media content. 7 in 10 agents report that videos, virtual staging, and drone photography are more important now than ever before.
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#4 Provide aerial images so clients can see the full scope of the property.
For a bird’s eye view that shows the full scope of a property you need drone photos like these. 83% of sellers prefer an agent that uses drone photography especially for larger and higher value properties.
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