Learn and Lead — Ep. 2 Interview with Homease CEO Sarah Biggerstaff

The new year brings one of our most anticipated collaborations yet! We’re partnering up with Homease to bring high-quality real estate photography to realtors and clients alike.

What is Homease, you ask?

Due for launch in January, Homease is the brainchild of Austinite and Real Estate Broker Sarah Biggerstaff — and it’s a collaborative app that’s looking like a real gamechanger for the industry. It’s an interactive tool that proactively addresses the major issues realtors encounter on a regular basis, giving them instant access to to the leading professionals in their field.

Homease connects licensed realtors with all the various contractors and sub-contractors demanded by the industry, including home inspectors, attorneys, photographers, stagers, and more — multiple experts in each field, all vetted, and maintaining ongoing ratings based on efficiency, quality, and trustfulness. Biggerstaff describes it as “options with ease.”

When potential clients are looking to lease or buy, especially in a frantic market like Austin’s, they don’t have weeks to wait for their realtor to do their research, hunting for reliable businesses who will reflect positively upon them and all their efforts. If there are jobs to do, and a sale or rental hangs in the balance, they needs to happen sooner than later, and they need to be done well. Time is of the essence in these cases — for Homease’s certified realtors, it’s immensely helpful to have this network of trusted professionals at your fingertips.

And on top of all that, realtors get to enjoy exclusive promotions on these services!

Austin Real Estate Photography is proud to be one of Homease’s go-to resources for photography and videography. Our 3D Matterport tours give an unprecedented look into a property that can’t be replicated, with virtual journeys and Bird’s Eye views that tell the whole story.

P.S. — If you’ve got an idea or business that’s bound to change the real estate landscape, and want to be next in our Lead and Learn series, following this interview with Homease CEO Sarah Biggerstaff (and episode 1 with Todd Burgener of 12 Rivers Realty), feel free to contact us! We’re here for all your multimedia and promotional needs, from press releases, to interviews outlining your creative vision, to aerial photography!

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Lighting up the room at the Austin City Council Building in 2018