Real Estate Photo Preparation

Let's talk about how to make a property look the best for a professional photo shoot.


The goal of our photoshoots is simply to attract qualified buyers to your listing by capturing their attention, imagination, and interest.
By taking the basic steps of home preparation we outline in this article you can make sure that when a professional photographer shows up your property looks its best.


What is home preparation?

It is the process of getting the property properly, prepared for a professional photographer to come in and capture the best aspects of your property.


Why prepare your property?

Clutter and distractions take away from the viability of a listing to stand out among. Great photos help show your property in its best light, any sort of distraction will reduce the opportunities you have to capture the attention buyers.


How to prepare your property?

We go into details for each area below, but it breaks down into the following areas


  • Cleaning
  • Arranging
  • Decluttering
  • Lighting




Prep the exterior

Outdoor preparation is focused on removing things that are often forgotten and ensuring the exterior gets due diligence.


Put away all lawn care equipment (hoses, rakes, lawnmowers, ladders)

Put away all pet supplies

Put away all kids toys

For lawn furniture, replace any sun worn cushions


Prep the interior

Interior preparation takes more attention because there are more spaces to be concerned with.

While outdoor photography will focus on capturing the aesthetics of the architecture, the layout of the property, and scenic features. 


The interior is focused on conveying to potential buyers that this space is somewhere they would like to live. 


The number one priority here is cleaning, hiring professionals or paying meticulous attention to details is key. 


While some things may be overlooked by the naked eye, they often come out in photographs. Because cameras capture things with more fidelity than the naked eye. 


  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Room/Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms


Prepping your home is an important step to making sure your listing looks as attractive as possible. 


Interior Preparation

Open all curtains

We often work with natural lighting as well as a flash to enhance the appearance of interiors.

Opening the curtains allows more natural light to enter and help us capture more of what makes your home unique.


Turn on all lights

Make sure lights are the same color temperature (either all fluorescents or all incandescent) 


Remove all personal pictures

The property being listed is about attracting a new buyer, your memories while worthwhile and valuable to you. Have limited value to new buyers looking to imagine themselves in the property.


Kitchen Prep

Remove magnets from the refrigerator

Make sure all surfaces are clear

Put away appliances at most one small appliance is okay (coffeemakers, blenders, kettles, pans)
Make sure all dishes are done and put away



Remove any floor coverings

Open shower curtain

Make all beds
Fluff all pillows

Check bed skirts


For a slightly different take on home reparation, you can check out

The guidance from the National Association of Realtors