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The ALT Gallery Meets the Matterport — Immersive 3D VR comes to the Art World

Austin Real Estate Photography and Matterport Technology worked with The ALT Gallery to transform it into Virtual Reality. Matterport’s innovations have granted us the ability to render art pieces, whole rooms, and entire buildings into 3D VR. Taking it to the next, NEXT level, with the perspective mapping applied on Samsung’s new VR headsets, you can be fully immersed in the art and experience. The name of the show this past Saturday was Superluminal, and it featured art by Greg Pettit, Elliot Rogers, & Michael Garfield.

The ALT Gallery (ALTernate Reality Gallery on Facebook) is a multi-purpose creative facility on Austin’s east side, located at 301 Chicon St, in the heart of 78702. Check out our Matterport tour of the ALT Gallery, and if anything jumps out to you, some of the art may still be available at the time of reading. You can follow the ALTernate Reality Gallery online here, and feel free to contact the owners of The Alt Gallery at (512) 710-5858

Our Biggest Matterport Tour Yet

This one’s a must-see! At Austin Real Estate Photography we recently provided a long-time client with their first Matterport Immersive 3D VR Tour….and what a tour it was. This one is a stunning and expansive home, coming to the hot West Austin market at over 1.4 million dollars. The house has a unique open-floor plan, built by a prestigious Austin Architecture firm, and is full of beautiful, tasteful details. Photos and drone images will be online soon! We worked hard to provide this client with the top real estate marketing tools, and the incredible Matterport tour brings it all to light.