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Professional Portraits for Capital One, Austin Portrait Photographer, Headshots

I recently photographed some portraits for Capital one. It was a very straightforward headshot for Press Releases and web usage. We did some more smily ones and a few serious ones here are two of my favorite professional portrait, Executive photo, Headshot type photos Austin. I photographed these headshot, executive portraits in studio, in Austin. I used two dynalight's with umbrellas. I was photographing with my canon 5d mk 2 with mostly a 50mm series 1 and a 85mm f1.8. These have been lightly lightroomed mainly for dust spots.

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Portraits for Real Estate team, professional portraits, Business headshots, Austin portrait photographer

I photographed The Boutiqe Real Estate team about a month ago now for some new advertising and web material they plan on releasing. The team was very nice. I do all of their real estate photography for them as well. The portraits turned out great, I did some with lighting (alien bees) and some with natural window light their new office under the ashton on lavaca and cesar chaves has great window light with one gigantic window running along a whole side of their building. Here is a photo of the new office as well. Photography for Real Estate. The professional portraits aka headshots turned out well and I think will be very helpful for the team.

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